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Q:What is the 1 Bartering Network?

A: 1 Bartering Network is a Private B2B Barter Network that uses BIZBYTES and an onlline digital wallet for Members to trade Goods and Services between other Members in the 1 Bartering Network.

Q: What are BIZBYTES?

A: BIZBYTES are digital points used exclusively between Members of the 1 Bartering Network?

Q: What is the value of BIZBYTES?

A: Members of the 1 Biz Network agree to accept BIZBYTES as having the trade value of 1 US Dollar for 1 BIZBYTE in trade between members of the 1 Bartering Network.

Q: Are BIZBYTES legal?

A: Yes, the US government specifically recognizes that private bartering networks have the legal right to create trade scripts, vouchers and other methods to track trade between members.

Q: What is the cost to use BIZBYTES?

A: 1 Bartering Network is the first barter network to offer members no transaction fees to accept or use their Network points in trades. The only Network fee is a small monthly Network fee all members agree to pay monthly or yearly in US Dollars to the Network. This fee earns Members BIZBYTES at a 50% discount so members get to use the fee instantly in Network trade. This gives members a minimum discount of 50% to acquire goods and services in the Network. The fees are used to pay costs to maintain the Network and for business costs for marketing, sales and programmers.

Q: Are members forced to accept BIZBYTES for all items in their business?

A: No, members all have a minimum of one BIZBYTE trade deal they honor to all members on their Network, other goods and services they offer to the public are open to barter agreements between members. Some members with labor only services such as professionals might take BIZBYTES on all services or just the services listed on their Members Network offers page. They might do hybrid trades on other services. Restaurants usually take BYZBYTES on off hours and members agree to a minimum 20% cash tip to that members servers. But all members have at least one BIZBYTES Deal Offer they must honor for all members.

1 Bartering

#1 Bartering Network

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