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1 Bartering

#1 Bartering Network

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Setup Membership

This is a ONE TIME FEE to Setup your Membership and Members Offers Page

It also includes an Affiliate Account for Members to earn BIZBYTES

By helping our Network acquire new Members

BIZBYTES Wallet Setup

Setup includes creating your BIZBYTES Digital Wallet

To use on the 1 Bartering Network

Your BIZBYTES Digital Wallet is pre-loaded with 2000 BIZBYTES the Points of the 1 Bartering Network

That gives you the equivalent of $2000 USD in Network Trade Buying Power

A second BIZBYTES Wallet is setup for Members to have employees access to verify new sales

Owners sweep new sales into their main BIZBYTES wallet

This allows businesses with managers and order takers to verify transfers of BIZBYTES

Members Page Setup

Your Members Page is how other members find you

Membership is subject to our Terms of Service stated below


You must have a minimum of 1 OFFER on your Members Page

Members must HONOR their OFFER to all network members

Failure to HONOR your OFFER will result in termination of your Membership

Members must not engage in any fraudulent activity on Network

Members that receive a high percentage of complaints will have their Membership Terminated


Members are all Affiliates of our Network

Your affiliate code is your user name

Our network grows by WORD OF MOUTH


Members Earn large BIZBYTES bonuses through our Affiliate Program


You can have multiple offers on your Page

If your Company has a product or service you offer in multiple cities

You need to order this item for each city you are located in that you want to do business in

1 Bartering

#1 Bartering Network

How It Works - Join - Login - Members

Use of this Site is Subject to our TOS


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